Maria Ask (Luleå University of Technology): The LTU Stress Trailer: A Hydraulic Stress Measurement System for Energy Geosciences

Linda Alakangas (Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co): Sampling of Rare Earth Elements with DGT at Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory

Mark Dopson (Linnaeus University): Shining a light on the deep biosphere microbial community

Changxun Yu (Linnaeus University): Iron speciation and valence in the upper 1 km of fractured crystalline bedrock on the Baltic shield

Pasi Peltola (Boliden Rönnskär): Overview of Rönnskär Deep Deposit (RODE)

Peter Hedin (Uppsala University): Improving our understanding of the evolution of mountain belts via the Collisional Orogeny in the Scandinavian Caledonides (COSC) project: Results from seismic investigations and plans for the 2.5 km deep COSC-2 borehole