2018 – NGL Conference

The Underground Space Challenge – Exploitation of underground space poses significant scientific and technical challenges. Whereas problems of the past could often be solved from the perspective of single disciplines, the emerging issues of e.g., non-traditional energy recovery, tighter development of infrastructure in expanding cities, and geological disposal all require a close coupling between disciplines and tight integration between experimentation and theoretical analysis.
One of the largest and most comprehensive underground experimental facilities in the world purposely built for research and development is the Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory. With its flexible spiral design extending to 500 m below ground and a comprehensive database, the Äspö HRL provides unique opportunities for addressing open scientific and technical issues in the context of sustainable energy use and generation, resource supply, construction as well as for advancing education.
The NGL Conference 2018 has the specific purpose of bringing together experienced researchers and practitioners with diverse perspectives to identify and discuss the key open scientific and technical issues for the underground space development over the coming decades.

Conference arranged by KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Nova Center for University studies, Research and Development in Oskarshamn, the Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co (SKB) and Universities across Sweden.

National Geosphere Laboratory (NGL) Conference 2018

Date: February 12-13, 2018
Place: Oskarshamn, Sweden

The NGL Conference 2018 follows the NGL Conference series organized in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016 in Kalmar and Oskarshamn, Sweden as part of the NGL initiative.

Conference Topics:

Topic I – Geosciences
Emphasis is on interesting and relevant processes from microbiology, to chemistry, to

Topic II – Energy
All aspects of energy from storage, to generation (geothermal), exchange and waste
(nuclear, toxic, and CO2).

Topic III – Construction
All aspects related to construction from tunnelling technology and excavation, to rock
contamination, to automation and maintenance.

Topic IV – Characterisation and data
All aspects of rock characterisation that gathers relevant data, interprets, organises and
visualises relevant data.




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